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16u Northern NAFA Nationals

NAFA Champlin & Coon Rapids MN 16U National Tournament 2023

Dates: July 27-30, 2023

Mandatory Coaches Meeting Wednesday, July 26

128 Teams Max

Pool play: 75 minutes finish the inning; Bracket play: 80 minutes finish the inning

2 umpires per game

5 game guarantee

$700 registration fee payable to NAFA. Gate fee $200 per team used to pay for field rental and field maintenance is paid to Champlin Park Fastpitch before the first game. 

3 pool games will seed teams into 4 brackets (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) and a minimum of 2 bracket games are guaranteed.

All game results and brackets will be posted online.

Skills competition & Opening Ceremonies will occur on Thursday July 27 at Noble Park.

On behalf of NAFA Softball, Champlin Park Fastpitch, and Coon Rapids Fastpitch, we look forward to hosting your team!

2022 16U Platinum Champions: Midwest Sluggers '05

Tournament Information

Sponsor Information

Local restaurants that can take reservations of 25-plus with 1.5 hour time blocks to host teams. Tell them you're a team with NAFA Nationals.

MC's Tap House, 9690 Colorado Ln N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Chanticlear Pizza Bar & Grill, 11706 Crooked Lake Blvd, Coon Rapids, MN 55433

16 U Hotel Information

Tournament Contacts

Jim Rathe

Midwest NAFA Director / National Tournament Director

Phone: 847-800-5739

Jeff Husom

Site Director

Phone: 763-670-4544

Gaeli Iverson

Champlin Park Fastpitch President

Phone: 612-501-5617

Field Maps

2023 NAFA 16U Northern Nationals

Pool Play: July 27-28, 2023
Bracket Play: July 27-30, 2023

Teams Registered

Number of Teams NAFA REG # Team Name Coach Name Registration
1 IL23-16-40 Windy City Rage Don Kuffel
2 WI23-16-01 Central Wisconsin Edge 15u Jill Pugh
3 IL23-16-39 Lisle Slammers Jim Majnarich
4 WI23-16-41 New Berlin Magic Tim Bonin
5 WI23-16-10 Poynette Shock Sean Mackey
6 WI23-16-03 Rock River Stix Gransee Kevin Gransee
7 WI23-16-06 Rock River Stix Mack Scott Mack
8 WI23-16-20 Plover Nationals 15U Corey Giese
9 WI23-16-52 Madison Revolution Tracy Rank
10 WI23-16-16 Velocity Green Bay Kerry Danforth
11 WI23-16-07 Wisco Warriors Scott Vest
12 WI23-16-05 Milwaukee Angels Josh Karls
13 WI23-16-19 Wisconsin Bandits Buechel David Buechel
14 IL23-16-09 Dawgs Fastpitch Chris Kock
15 IL23-16-23 Kishwaukee Valley Storm Christian Dierschow
16 WI23-16-22 ESA 16U Futures Matt Caravella
17 WI23-16-30 Wausau WildFire Jaime Hughes
18 Wisconsin Redbirds Grey Jess Hovorka
19 WI23-16-23 West Bend Lightning Cory Reichenberger
20 IL23-16-30 SYCOS Dan Rivera
21 IL23-16-42 Thunderstix 16U Jon Beach
22 MN23-16-17 MN Elite Draughn Dennis Draughn
23 IL23-16-04 Oswego Outlaws 16U Mike DiTella
24 WI23-16-15 WI Fear Fastpitch Ryan Hermus
25 MN23-16-05 Midwest Speed Wigley Josh Wigley
26 WI23-16-27 Wisconsin Bandits Laabs Dan Laabs
27 WI23-16-26 Force Fastpitch John Walker
28 MN23-16-16 MN Elite Goetz Julia Goetz
29 MN23-16-13 MN Elite Prantner Gary Prantner
30 MN23-16-06 Midwest Speed Gold Loftus Tony Loftus
31 IL23-16-27 Northern ICE Black Maureen Galazkiewicz
32 WI23-16-28 Burlington BLAST Ben Biedrzycki
33 WI23-16-24 Mississippi Valley Pride Blue Mesa Heit
34 WI23-16-25 Mississippi Valley Pride White Mesa Heit
35 MN23-16-43 Woodbury Royals 16U Cory Mundahl
36 MN23-16-14 MN Elite Heinecke Tom Heinecke
37 IL23-16-51 Warren Wave DL Dave Lyons
38 IL23-16-29 Stateline Fury Futures 15u Brandon Smith
39 WI23-16-29 Northwest Lightning Shane Marino
40 MN23-16-04 Clutch Hitters Deming Kate Deming
41 MN23-16-11 St. Croix Boom 16U Lauren Anderson
42 MN23-16-07 Clutch Hitters Romero Savannah Romero
43 MN23-16-24 MN CHAOS Johnson Chris Johnson
44 MN23-16-25 MN CHAOS Schneider Dan Schneider
45 MN23-16-36 Mankato Peppers Bobby Krista Bobby
46 WI23-16-37 Wisconsin Outlawz Black Brett Weisensel
47 MN23-16-15 MN Elite Gormley Tim Gormley
48 MN23-16-22 MN Elks 16U Roman Becker
49 MN23-16-12 Cannon Valley Renegades 16U Anne Fossum
50 MN23-16-33 Minnesota Stix Jaimi Stejskal
51 IL23-16-11 Lady Reds Chuck Tomblinson
52 MN23-16-10 Midwest Speed Walsh Crista Walsh
53 SD23-16-01 Hot Shots Fastpitch Eric Kunzweiler
54 MN23-16-01 MN ICE 16u Gold Ly Tien Ly
55 MN23-16-02 MN ICE 16U Gold Bacon Andy Bacon
56 MN23-16-03 MN ICE 16U Headding Jason Headding
57 IL23-16-41 Stingers Nicole Pieper
58 MN23-16-36 MN SnoCatz 16U National Abbey Herbert
59 NE23-16-04 Nebraska Gold 309 Josh Starkweather
60 MN23-16-21 Clutch Hitters Keller Matt Keller
61 MN23-16-34 MN Royals 16U Tim Freeberg
62 MN23-16-20 MN Warriors 16U Chris Belair
63 WI23-16-39 Seymour Flames Jason Haller
64 SD23-16-02 TSC Heatwave Laurie Sieler
65 MN23-16-39 White Bear Lake Bears Nick Glendenning
66 MN23-16-19 MN Misfits Kip Wachal
67 WI23-16-17 Point Fastpitch 15U Jim Kawleski
68 WI23-16-49 Sandpipers Black Wyatt Radanke
69 MN23-16-38 Mission Gold Alex Reak
70 WI23-16-14 Central Wisconsin Edge 16U Jill Carroll
71 WI23-16-33 Johnson Creek Yellow Jackets Saverio Capuano III
72 MN23-16-28 MN Moose 16U Blue Mike Nelson
73 MN23-16-29 MN Moose 16U White Lauren Nelson
74 MN23-16-30 MN Moose 16U Orange Jeff Nelsen
75 WI23-16-09 Sandpipers Gold Stephanie Leiviska
76 MN23-16-31 SE Flyers Matt Hazelton
77 W123-16-31 Oshkosh Spartans Brian Cummings
78 MN23-16-27 16U Starters/Catalyst Gold Lis King
79 MN23-16-32 Minnesota Bombers Cliff Yandle
80 Badger Blitz Brandon Steinhorst
81 WI23-16-51 Force Fastpitch Mike Lesser
82 NE23-16-02 Nebraska Echoes Van Houten Allie Van Houten
83 NE23-16-03 Nebraska Echoes Madsen Brad Madsen
84 ND23-16-01 Diamond Academy Elle Hastings
85 IL23-16-14 Libertyville Wildcats Mike Page
86 SD23-16-03 SD Phoenix Sara Gohman
87 WI23-16-48 Twin Ports Rampage Troy Johnson
88 WI23-16-43 Richfield Rebels Dave Hoxworth
89 ND23-16-02 Fargo-Moorhead Blaze Carlie Bell
90 MN23-16-40 MN Twisters Black Lindsey Dvorak
91 MN23-16-44 Woodbury Royals Gold Benjamin Amel
92 MI23-16-01 Northern Chill John Jokela
93 MN23-16-46 Mankato Peppers Tostenson Sara Tostenson
94 MN23-16-45 Morris Fastpitch Todd Hottovy
95 605 Octane Frank Smith
96 West Fargo Fusion Jamie Compton
97 MN23-16-07 TC Blitz '06 Brent Anderson
98 MN23-16-08 TC Blitz '07 Chris Silber
99 MN23-16-41 Lady Storm National Chad Dye
100 MN23-16-42 Lady Storm Regional Chad Dye
101 MN Blast 16U Tyler Korby
102 (Pending) MN Stars '06 Bill Kussmann
103 MN23-16-48 MN Northern Stars Dustin Collelo
104 (Pending) Rogers Royals Katie Johnson
105 MN23-16-47 MN Stars '07 Christian Duncan
106 Portolite Peppers National Megan Christoper
107 (Pending) Orono Spartans Cami Dahlstrom

2022 NAFA Northern Nationals 16U Results


1st - Midwest Sluggers '05, 2nd - Brookings Outlaws Kratz, 3rd - Badger Blitz Birling, 4th - Goodview Sandlot

1st - Park Ridge Pistols, 2nd - Caledonia Chaos Kimble, 3rd - Central Wisconsin Edge, 4th - MN SnoCatz Black

1st - Owatonna Crush, 2nd - Clutch Hitters Jensen, 3rd - Seymour Flames Black, 4th - Rock River Stix Gransee

1st - MN Moose White, 2nd - MN ICE Ludden, 3rd - Mendota Heights Gold, 4th - MN Moose Blue,

Consolation Champions: Janesville Cyclones
Consolation Runner-Up: Stingers RL

Skills Competition Results

Winners can come to Noble Sports Park to collect their prize! Congratulations to all the teams and competitors!!!

Home Run Derby
1st Place: 7 Home Runs - MN Whirl 16u Gold, Ava F
2nd Place: Fusion Synergy, Carly F
Throwing for Accuracy
1st Place: MN Blast 16u, Jill A
2nd Place: Janesville Cyclones, Brynn S
3rd Place: MN Whirl 16u Gold, Maggie W
Around the Horn
1st Place: MN Blast 16u, Taylor, Brooklyn, Emily, Carly, Brooke, Maddie
2nd Place: Central WI Edge, Nolita, Emma, Caina, Katja, Makala, Erin
3rd Place: Fusion Synergy, Izzy, Macey, Zoe, Kaylie, Kylie, Greta 
Speed Around the Bases
1st Place: SE Flyers, Desirae, Brit, Kyllee, Olivia
2nd Place: Caledonia Chaos, Kenzie, Aalana, Bella, Abby 
3rd Place: Mississippi Valley Pride, Marlee, Kaitlyn, Halenel, Emma