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14u Northern NAFA Nationals

Weather and Tournament Announcements

In the event of a weather delay or tournament announcement, this space will be used to post a message. Additionally, all announcements will be posted at the NAFA Facebook page.

NAFA Prior Lake & Lakeville MN 14U National Tournament 2023

Dates: July 27-30, 2023

5-game guarantee, 144 teams
* All teams will play three pool games on Thursday and Friday. Bracket play begins on Friday afternoon. All teams are guaranteed to play into Saturday.

* Bracket play: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze


The Ponds 1-6, 8-9 (Prior Lake)
Aronson Park 1-9 (Lakeville)
Lakeville North HS (Varsity & JV Fields)

$700 registration fee payable to NAFA. Gate fee $200 per team used to pay for field rental and field maintenance is paid to Prior Lake Athletics for Youth (PLAY) or Lakeville Fastpitch Softball Association before the first game. 

Two-man umpire crews for all pool and bracket games depending on umpire availability.

All games are no new inning after 75 minutes.

Mandatory Coaches meeting on Wednesday, July 26. Virtual.

Home Run Derby & Skills Competition: Aronson Park at 6:30 p.m. on July 27

Awards: Top four teams in each bracket; team and individual.

Tournament Apparel: NAFA Northern Nationals T-shirts are on sale all tournament at The Ponds and Aronson Park locations for $20. Cash or checks only.

Online Registration: Closed

Online Registration for the 14u Northern NAFA Nationals

Registration was paused at 128 teams, leaving 16 spots for teams that earn berth through qualifying tournaments this summer. If additional spots remain in June, those on the wait-list will be entered into the field.

2022 14U Platinum Champions: Falls Angels

Tournament Information

14 U Hotel Information

Tournament Contacts

Eric Kraushar

MN State Director - Tournament Director (Lakeville)

Phone: 651-328-7453

Tyler Chambers

Tournament Director - Prior Lake

Phone: 612-296-1736

Field Maps

2023 NAFA Northern Nationals 14U Pool and Bracket Schedule

Reporting Scores Lakeville complexes: 651-328-7453 Prior Lake complex: 952-220-7706

14U Parade Registration Document

Your entry number on the document will determine your place in the parade.

2023 NAFA 14U Northern Nationals

Pool Play: July 27-28, 2023
Bracket Play: July 28-30, 2023

Parade of Teams: Thursday, July 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Aronson Park in Lakeville. Teams must be lined up by 6:15 p.m.

Pin Trading: Optional -- teams can order pins; girls can trade with other teams during the tournament. Fun opportunity to meet girls from other teams.

Gift Exchange: all teams switch gift bags upon conclusion of their first pool game. Spend no more than $10-12. Think fun. Candy, Dollar Store items, etc. Teams will be sent a coach list to coordinate how many players they will need bags for.

Teams Registered

Number of Teams NAFA REG # Team Name Coach Name Registration Paid
1 WI23-14-11 GTS 14U Midwest Mike Brewer
2 WI23-14-08 Royals Fastpitch Jon Skarda
3 WI23-14-09 Wolves Fastpitch Jayson Werra
4 WI23-14-12 Oakfield Crush Aaron Schepp
5 MN23-14-46 Mankato Peppers Zellmer Amy Zellmer
6 WI23-14-02 Milwaukee Angels Chad Dornbach
7 WI23-14-15 Wisconsin Twisters Justin Munoz
8 WI23-14-16 New Berlin Heat Red James Sturino
9 MN23-14-23 Minnesota Elks Randy Backman
10 WI23-14-06 Rock River Stix Schwenn Doug Schwenn
11 IL23-14-16 Warren Wave TM Tina McIntosh
12 IL23-14-04 Warren Wave JY Jon Young
13 WI23-14-60 Madison Revolution Janisch Emi Janisch
14 WI23-14-10 Wisconsin Outlawz White Joe Daggett
15 WI23-14-19 West Bend Lightning Kelly Hooper
16 WI23-14-18 Wisconsin Rebels Jim Johnson
17 WI23-14-24 Polar Bear Fastpitch Black Steve Werner
18 WI23-14-23 Polar Bear Fastpitch Red Dave Much
19 WI23-14-35 South Appleton Rockers Reed Swick
20 WI23-14-59 Madison Revolution Voliva Bobby Voliva
21 WI23-14-39 Plover Nationals 14U Chad Newby
22 WI23-14-37 Plover Nationals 13U Andrew Bradley
23 MN23-14-39 Mission National 14U Lindsay Burr
24 MN23-14-20 MN Elite Novak Gary Novak
25 WI23-14-20 Janesville Cyclones Maroon Bryan Naber
26 WI23-14-22 ESA 14U Prospects Paul Todarello
27 MN23-14-07 Minnesota Magic Gold Tom Thole
28 MN23-14-68 Arctic Blast Lara Welter
29 WI23-14-54 Wisconsin Extreme Deanna Gilane
30 WI23-14-13 Southwest Storm Alicia Bockhop
31 MN23-12-05 MN Waves Schellhammer Meghan Schellhammer
32 WI23-14-55 WI Fear Fastpitch Dallas Cavegn
33 MN23-14-12 Midwest Speed Wilson Mark Wilson
34 MN23-14-13 Midwest Speed Pyrz Dave Pyrz
35 MN23-14-14 Midwest Speed Noren Corey Noren
36 MN23-14-03 Macstrength Grizzlies Matt Paulsen
37 WI23-14-36 Wisconsin Bandits Chris Sabish
38 IL23-14-14 Chicago Ravens John Metzger
39 WI23-14-26 Mississippi Valley Pride Blue Mesa Heit
40 WI23-14-27 Mississippi Valley Pride White Mesa Heit
41 IL23-14-40 Stateline Fury Futures 14U Vinnie Caiozzo
42 WI23-14-28 Southwest Wisconsin All Stars Dave Gratz
43 MN23-14-15 Midwest Speed Gold Ring Pat Ring
44 MN23-14-16 MN Warriors Gold Todd Bannie
45 WI23-14-30 Elkhorn Express Chad Schliepp
46 IL23-14-19 Elmhurst Emeralds David Wojcik
47 WI23-14-31 Northwest Lightning Emma Roehl
48 WI23-14-67 Wisconsin Fastpitch Academy Mark Wirz
49 MN23-14-11 MN Stars '08 Mitch Peterson
50 SD23-14-14 SF Eclipse Scott Fairbrother
51 MN23-14-19 St. Croix Boom 14U Damen Lobinsky
52 MN23-14-08 Clutch Hitters Giesen Rob Giesen
53 MN23-14-09 Clutch Hitters Zimmerman Sam Zimmerman
54 IL23-14-55 Stateline Fury 13U Black Kurt Head
55 MN23-14-10 Clutch Hitters Hanson Jim Hanson
56 MN23-14-17 TC Blitz '09 Meghan Knipp
57 MN23-14-18 TC Blitz '08 Don Mittelstadt
58 MN23-14-24 MN CHAOS '09 Steve Huls
59 MN23-14-25 MN CHAOS '08 Morgan McPherson
60 MN23-14-48 Mankato Peppers Fitzloff Megan Fitzloff
61 MN23-14-47 Mankato Peppers Enter Tessa Enter
62 MN23-14-21 MN Elite Hall Jess Hall
63 ND23-14-03 West Fargo Fusion Alexis Burke
64 WI23-14-34 Johnson Creek Yellow Jackets Chris Peirick
65 MN23-14-33 Minnesota Stix Graphite Lizzy Hansen
66 MN23-14-34 Minnesota Stix Cardinal Addie Murry
67 MN23-14-35 MN Dynamite John Sireno
68 MN23-14-26 Winona WinStars Velocity Kristin Noble
69 MN23-14-05 MN ICE 13U Halupczok Scott Halupczok
70 MN23-14-06 MN ICE 08 Carpenter/Wagner Allison Carpenter
71 MN23-14-49 MN Magic 14U National Jake Privette
72 IL23-14-44 Bandits 14U Kris Van Horn
73 MN23-14-22 Minnesota Elite Lange Aaron Lange
74 WI23-14-29 Mequon Heat Chad Wirth
75 MN23-14-38 MN SnoCatz 14UB Eric Jorgensen
76 MN23-14-42 White Bear Lake Bears Jordyn Rudolph
77 MN23-14-36 MN Royals 14U Jonie Freeberg
78 SD23-14-05 Tea Lightning Brett Somsen
79 WI23-14-40 Rhino Sports Academy WI Mike Biese
80 IL23-14-03 Rockford Extreme Bella Intravaia
81 SD23-14-02 TSC Riptide Casey Ottmar
82 SD23-14-03 TSC Thunder Josh Childress
83 SD23-14-01 TSC Inferno Tony Gabriel
84 WI23-14-33 Fire Pro 13U Matt Pionek
85 MN23-14-44 MN Stealth 14U Joseph Fittante
86 MN23-14-50 Lady Storm 14U Chad Dye
87 WI23-14-41 Seymour Flames Black Jason Bowe
88 ND23-14-01 Bismarck Sparks Gold Darby Krivoruchka
89 MN23-14-70 MN Bombers National 13U Megan Thurow
90 WI23-14-42 G-Town Elite 14U Bob Williams
91 MN23-14-29 MN Moose 14U Howe Olivia Howe
92 MN23-14-30 MN Moose 14U Peterson Sophia Peterson
93 MN23-14-31 MN Moose 14U Schley Maggie Schley
94 MN23-12-14 MN Moose 12U Dan Johnson
95 MN23-14-54 Woodbury Royals Elite Nick McCloud
96 SD23-14-06 SF Sparks Justin Schneider
97 MN23-14-01 MN Waves Elite Daniel Beech
98 MN23-14-27 14U Starters/Catalyst Gold Mike Casalenda
99 IL23-14-33 Stingers David Doerhoefer
100 MN23-14-32 SE Flyers Bryan Todd
101 IL23-14-48 Express Fastpitch Derrick Meyers
102 MN23-14-02 MN Waves Gold Daniel Beech
103 MN23-14-28 14U Starters/Catalyst National Tim Holzhueter
104 MN23-14-45 MN Sox Zach Nienaber
105 SD23-14-10 SD Impact Tim Mescher
106 WI23-14-66 Badger Blitz Jess Ellestad
107 MN23-14-41 MN Thorns Izzy Wilhelm
108 SD23-14-09 South Dakota Smoke Scott Roth
109 MN23-12-21 Mission National 12U Jeremy Gavin
110 MN23-14-40 Owatonna Crush Jeremy Moran
111 SD23-14-11 TSC Black Ice Scott Eli
112 IA23-14-02 Central Iowa Kaos EBC Deryk Evens
113 IA23-14-03 Central Iowa Kaos '09 Allison Ryan
114 MN23-14-53 MN Vortex 13U National John DenHartog
115 MN23-14-43 Armstrong Cooper 14U Red Melissa Rath
116 MN23-12-23 MN Vortex 12U Gold Scott Peterson
117 MN23-14-51 MN Vortex 14U National Jason Rudquist
118 MN23-14-52 MN Vortex 14U Gold Morgan Paavarud
119 SD23-14-08 SD Phoenix Sara Gohman
120 WI23-14-51 Twin Ports Rampage Tiffany Kirk
121 WI23-14-03 Sandpipers 14U Anthony Hamburge
122 ND23-14-02 Fargo-Moorhead Blaze Mike Skogen
123 MI23-14-02 Northern Chill Softball Vicky Myhren
124 IA23-14-04 North Iowa Heat Seth Thompson
125 SD23-14-13 BV Thunder Todd Williamson
126 MN23-14-57 Centennial Lakes Wlazlo Sarah Wlazlo
127 MN23-12-27 MN Vortex Kopsichke Mike Kopischke
128 SD23-14-13 Dakota Energy Jim Drew
129 WI23-14-53 Warriors Fastpitch Gold Morgan Stensen
130 WI23-14-52 Warriors Fastpitch Maroon Megan Wallace
131 MN23-14-59 Apple Valley Fusion Black Kris Scholz
132 MN23-14-60 Zimmerman Navy Jessica Ackerman
133 MN23-14-56 Fairmont Cardinals Jamie Williamson
134 MN23-14-58 MN Riptide Jason Gross
135 MN23-14-69 Andover Huskies Patty Grant
136 MN23-14-62 Sartell Swarm Blue Jason Koosmann
137 WI23-14-65 Baldwin-Woodville Josh Maurer
138 MN23-14-55 Mounds View Green Tom Spencer
139 MN23-14-66 Spring Lake Park Blue Joe Nusbaum
140 WI23-14-68 Somerset Spartans Brian Donahue
141 MN23-14-64 Gamblers Lange Travis Lange
142 MN23-14-63 Gamblers Oberg Scott Oberg
143 MN23-14-67 Bloomington Blast Blue Amy Belisle-Keith
144 MN23-14-65 Inver Grove Heights Anthony Lozano
145 WI23-14-29 Mequon Heat Chad Wirth

Looking back at the 2022 tournament

2022 NAFA Northern Nationals 14U Pools & Brackets


1st - Falls Angels, 2nd - MN Moose Orange, 3rd - Ohio Hawks, 4th - Germantown Fastpitch

1st - MN Magic Privette, 2nd - White Bear Lake Bears, 3rd - MN Bombers 12U National, 4th - Wisconsin Redbirds

1st - MN Starters Gold, 2nd - MN Vortex Uittenbogaard, 3rd -  Sycamore Sycos, 4th - Soderville Bengals

1st - Centennial Lakes Johnson, 2nd - MN Waves Beech, 3rd - MN Moose Blue, 4th - Seymour Flames Black