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12u Northern NAFA Nationals

NAFA Northern Nationals 12U Pools & Brackets


1st - MN Royals; 2nd - Wisconsin Lightning; 3rd - Midwest Speed Schweich; 4th - Mounds View Green

1st - Game On Athletics; 2nd - Rhino Fastpitch; 3rd - Forest Lake Rangers; 4th - Lincoln Rockets '09

1st - Minnetonka Gold; 2nd - Milwaukee Angels; 3rd - Centennial Lakes Wlazlo; 4th - Bloomington Blue Blast

1st - Apple Valley Fusion Black; 2nd - Champlin Park Gray; 3rd - Andover White; 4th - Eden Prairie Red

Skills Competition: July 22, 2022

Speed Contest (4 runners, home to first base)
1st: Wisconsin Lightning, 10.95 seconds
2nd: Lincoln Rockets '09, 11.24 seconds
3rd: Minnetonka Gold, 11.33 seconds

Throwing Contest (4 fielders, around the horn)
1st: Wisconsin Lightning I, 6.0 seconds
2nd: Wisconsin Lightning II, 6.38 seconds
3rd: Hastings Blue, 6.43 seconds

Hitting Contest
Winners: Izzie Hoffman, Chaska Gold; Quinn Skoraczewski, Wisconsin Lightning; McTague, Hastings Blue

2022 NAFA 12U Northern Nationals

Pool Play: July 21-22, 2022
Bracket Play: July 22-24, 2022

Parade of Teams: July 21, 6:30 p.m. at Eagan High School. Teams dress up with a theme, or matching outfits. Some teams choose to wear uniforms with poster board signs. Concessions will be open with pizza. Rita's Italian Ice will also be on-site.

Pin Trading: Optional -- teams can order pins; girls can trade with other teams during the tournament. Fun opportunity to meet girls from other teams.

Gift Exchange: all teams switch gift bags upon conclusion of their first pool game. Spend no more than $10-12. Think fun. Candy, Dollar Store items, etc. The tournament director will email teams a coach list to coordinate how many players they will need bags for.

Teams Registered

Number of Teams NAFA REG # Team Name Coach Name Registration Paid
1 MN22-12-02 Midwest Speed Antonson Melinda Antonson
2 MN22-12-03 Midwest Speed Schweich Corey Schweich
3 WI22-12-03 Rhino Wisconsin Tom Hervey
4 WI22-12-21 New Berlin Magic Red Tom Mainville
5 Warren Wave JW Jocelyn Wechter
6 IL22-12-07 Rockford Xtreme Bella Intravaia
7 WI22-12-12 Wisconsin Lightning Peter Plapp
8 IL22-12-08 Kishwaukee Valley Storm Shay Butler
9 MN22-12-05 MN Waves Schellhammer Meghan Schellhammer
10 MN22-12-04 MN Waves Renfroe Allison Renfroe
11 WI22-12-18 Milwaukee Angels Chad Dornbach
12 WI22-12-11 Kaukauna Black Tony Schmidt
13 WI22-12-06 Mississippi Valley Pride 12U Tony Kraus
14 Carol Stream Storm Adam Murphy
15 WI22-12-36 Rock River Stix Sean Tanner
16 WI22-12-05 Polar Bear Fastpitch Black Dave Much
17 MN22-12-06 MN Smoke Olivia Weinberg
18 SD22-12-01 TSC Aftershock Josh Hohn
19 MN22-12-08 MN Royals Jonie Freeberg
20 WI22-12-13 Seymour Flames Black Jason Bowe
21 WI22-12-14 Seymour Flames Red Carrie Carlson
22 WI22-12-15 Seymour Flames Grey John Bast IV
23 IL22-12-37 Forest City Toxic Steven Krause
24 MN22-12-07 MN Force Beaulieu Olivia Beaulieu
25 WI22-12-09 WI Fear Fastpitch Amanda Kamatz
26 MN Moose Dan Johnson
27 SD12-22-10 Sioux Falls Sparks Justin Schneider
28 WI22-12-16 Northwest Lightning Emma Roehl
29 MN22-12-09 MN ICE Skibbie Sean Skibbie
30 MN22-12-10 MN ICE Halupczok Scott Halupczok
31 MN22-12-11 Stillwater 12U Andy Dombrovski
32 WI22-12-29 Plover Fastpitch Ed Diekhus
33 SD22-12-05 Cyclones 12U Blue Phil Gundvaldson
34 IL22-12-46 Warren Wave SP Steve Podolski
35 MN22-12-13 Eagan Wildcats Blue Mike Mondelli
36 MN22-12-62 East Ridge Black Mike Giglio
37 IL22-12-11 CHAOS Fastpitch Blake Passmore
38 MN22-12-12 Winstars Velocity Kristin Noble
39 MN22-12-15 Mendota Heights Gold Sean Miller
40 WI22-12-22 Sandpipers 09 Derek Lasovich
41 SD22-12-03 SD Smoke Scott Roth
42 NE22-12-01 Lincoln Rockets 09 Don Mirabella
43 MN22-12-76 Forest Lake Rangers Melissa Kohoutek
44 MN22-12-53 Mankato Peppers Blue Ashley Braulick
45 MN22-12-52 Mankato Peppers Orange Marty Ray
46 MN22-12-17 Cottage Grove Green Tony Young
47 MN22-12-18 Cottage Grove White Jason Starr
48 WI22-12-26 Game On Athletics Kellen Haynes
49 MN22-12-20 STMA Blue Jay Houghton
50 MN22-12-27 Eden Prairie White Danica Liebelt
51 MN22-12-29 Anoka Ramsey Maroon Jim Milon
52 SD22-12-04 Metro Select 11U Toby Bryant
53 MN22-12-21 Rosemount Blue Doug Kasper
54 MN22-12-22 Eden Prairie Red Lou Liu
55 MN22-12-23 Eden Prairie Black Jeff Herrig
56 MN22-12-52 Andover Black Patty Grant
57 WI22-12-34 Chippewa Valley Raptors Green Michael Sutherland
58 MN22-12-49 Tonka Black Jesse Steinwand
59 MN22-12-19 Eagan Green Chris Parnell
60 MN22-12-14 Minnesota Renegades Shawn Wooten
61 Prior Lake White Nate Schielman
62 WI22-12-33 Plover Nationals Laschel Canfield
63 MN22-12-68 Chisago Lakes Green Dan Twohy
64 MN22-12-46 North Branch Red Russ Hanes
65 MN22-12-25 Westonka Black Steve Huls
66 MN22-12-26 Sartell Swarm Mark Devore
67 MN22-12-28 Mounds View White Jamie Sinkula
68 MN22-12-63 Mankato Peppers Mike Barten
69 SD-22-12-02 SD Renegades Guericke Megan Guericke
70 MN22-12-50 Hopkins Silver Sharda Enslin
71 Bombers Gold Salena Jeanson
72 MN22-12-61 Soderville Busch Kyle Busch
73 MN22-12-30 Hastings Yellow Lara Bauer
74 MN22-12-37 Hastings Blue Adam McNamara
75 MN22-12-31 Bloomington Blast Blue Brian Johnson
76 WI22-12-32 St. Croix Central Black Rob Balsavich
77 MN22-12-16 Champlin Park Navy Jenny Kral
78 MN22-12-39 Chaska Gold Troy Bachmann
79 MN22-12-32 Waite Park Blue Stacey Sheetz
80 MN22-12-40 Chaska Purple Krystal DeBruine
81 MN22-12-43 Spring Lake Park Blue Marissa Siegfried
82 MN22-12-51 MN Bombers National Megan Thurow
83 WI22-12-31 Somerset Spartans Black Brian Donahue
84 WI22-12-35 Oshkosh Extreme Jim Johnson
85 MN22-12-67 Mounds View Green Charlie Tretter
86 MN22-12-57 Cambridge-Isanti Blue John Brooks
87 MN22-12-47 Gamblers Blue Travis Lange
88 MN22-12-36 Hopkins Blue Katie Hanson
89 MN22-12-58 Wayzata Gold Andy Stellmacher
90 MN22-12-70 South St. Paul Packers Paul Babeau
91 MN22-12-33 East Ridge Gold Brian Dege
92 MN22-12-45 STMA Gold Benjamin Brand
93 MN22-12-38 Anoka Ramsey Black James Nelson
94 IL22-12-29 Lake Zurich Lightning Chris Conrad
95 MN22-12-71 Orono Blue Brandon Oslund
96 MN22-12-72 Woodbury Royals Ryan Olson
97 Brooklyn Park Pirates Brian Miller
98 MN22-12-73 Woodbury Blue Mike Decaire
99 MN22-12-24 Tonka Gold Kristine Hochbaum
100 MN22-12-65 Rosemount Irish Gold Chad Kalstabakken
101 MN22-12-41 ROSA Mauss Jim Mauss
102 MN22-12-59 Wayzata Blue Tim Lyons
103 MN22-12-69 Farmington Orange Brian Prawalsky
104 MN22-12-42 Belle Plaine Red Andy Holladay
105 MN22-12-60 Apple Valley Fusion Silver John Bullock
106 Apple Valley Fusion Black Kris Scholz
107 MN22-12-75 Mahtomedi Blue Scott Weisner
108 MN22-12-64 Gamblers White Scott Oberg
109 MN22-12-66 White Bear Lake Black Mike Jones
110 MN22-12-48 Inver Grove Heights Anthony Lozano
111 MN22-12-56 White Bear Lake Bears Adam Otto
112 MN22-12-44 Chanhassen Blue George Kockler
113 MN22-12-55 Eagan White Amber Johnson
114 MN22-12-74 St. Louis Park Toby Boyum
115 Copper Country Crush Craig Biekkola
116 Andover White Troy Vokaty
117 Minnesota Renegades Wagner Scott Hughes
118 MN22-12-32 Centennial Lakes Wlazlo Sarah Wlazlo

NAFA Eagan MN 12U National Tournament 2023

Dates: July 20-23, 2022

Format: 5-game guarantee, 120 teams
* All teams will play three pool games on Thursday and Friday. Bracket play begins on Friday afternoon. All teams are guaranteed to play into Saturday.

Bracket play: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Fields: Northview Park 1-8, Lexington-Diffley Fields 1-7

$700 registration fee payable to NAFA. Gate fee $200 per team used to pay for field rental and field maintenance is paid to Eagan Fastpitch at coaches meeting.

Single umpire for all pool play games; two-man for all bracket games depending on umpire availability.

Parade: Thursday, July 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Eagan High School Football Stadium

Skills Competition: Friday, July 21, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Northview Park - JV Field on top of the hill

Awards: Top four teams in each bracket; team and individual.

Tournament Contacts

Eric Kraushar

MN State Director/Tournament Director - Northview

Phone: 651-328-7453

Jeff Husom

Site Director - Lexington-Diffley

Phone: 763-670-4544

Field Maps